Staff Capacity Building and Data Analysis

Written by Kyle Krym, Aythos's Agriculture Programs Intern As part of my internship, I’ve recently been designing and conducting multiple staff capacity building trainings. Topics of trainings have included creating Google Forms, drafting project proposals, making flexible budgets, using statistics, designing surveys, and analyzing and visualizing data. These trainings have gone quite smoothly over Zoom and have also been a lot of fun, serving to further solidify our close working relationships. Besides getting to engage more closely with the amazing team in Nepal, conducting these capacity building trainings has also allowed me to: Pass on the knowledge I have gained from graduate school an

How has COVID-19 Impacted Nepal and Aythos's Work?

From 1996 to 2006, Nepal was engulfed in a civil war. In April 2015, the country was ravaged by a massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake, which was followed 17 days later by a 7.3 aftershock. With one third of the population affected, thousands lost their lives and hundreds of thousands lost their homes. Schools, health centers, roads, water and power systems were destroyed. Poverty deepened in a country which was already one of the poorest in the world. In 2010, 25.5 percent of the population lived below the national poverty line. The combination of these natural disasters and the long civil war have hampered poverty alleviation efforts and economic development. For ten years, Aythos has worked t

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