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Our Impact


Fostering Health

Reducing barriers to economic development

Physical and mental health are critical to improving well-being in all populations. Aythos provides training and workshops to create awareness of nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation. In addition, Aythos works with communities to improve access to drinking water and toilet facilities.

In 2018, Aythos programs reached 350 women and girls in pilot projects to open a dialog about health and hygiene in rural areas. This includes training women and girls in reusable sanitary pad-making where costs and materials are not otherwise sustainable.


Sustainable Livelihoods

Ongoing Projects to Support Rural Economic Development

Our agriculture training teaches organic, biointensive techniques that help farmers improve soil quality and productivity with environmentally sustainable techniques. Emphasis is also placed on female involvement, so that all community members gain the skills they need to make their agri-businnesses successful. 

The training is in high demand in Himalayan communities. In December 2014, Aythos organized a training with local partners attended by over 100 participants, including members of the Nepali government. By 2018, Aythos has delivered training to thousands more to make agriculture a sustainable, lucrative, and nutritious enterprise for their communities. 

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2015 Nepal Earthquake

Relief and Recovery Efforts

On April 25, 2015 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal followed by another magnitude 7.3 earthquake on May 12th, killing nearly 9,000 people and injured 22,000. Of the 75 districts in Nepal, the Sindhupalchok District, where Aythos has the highest concentration of projects, saw nearly half of the earthquake-related deaths.

Existing relationships helped Aythos identify and support areas in need before many of the larger NGOs were able to deliver support. Aythos response included distribution of tons of food, tarps, and shelter material to 1,500 villagers and treating over 200 patients. Earthquake relief continued for some time, including distribution of materials for 30 greenhouses to displaced communities and support for water and hygiene projects. The aftereffects of the earthquake continue to be a major factor in all project planning.

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Past Projects

Completed But Not Forgotten

Health & Education

Officially starting in 2009 as Helambu Project USA, Aythos supported local health care and education initiatives in rural Himalayan schools. Along with Helambu Project UK and other international staff, it organized 'Health Camps'- roving teams of medical volunteers who visited Himalayan villages to give first aid training and medical care. Also as part of Helambu Project International, HP USA helped raise funds for the construction of the Ama Yangri Community Boarding School in Gangkharka village, and organized dozens of volunteers from around the world to serve in village schools throughout Sindhupalchok District.

Apples for Peace

Apples for Peace was a Davis Project for Peace, supported by a $10,000 grant from the Kathryn W. Davis Foundation. It implemented the training of over 100 Himalayan farmers and the distribution of over 3,000 apple and kiwi trees in Sindhupalchok District, Nepal. Starting in 2012, it was the first project implemented under the Aythos banner and set a foundation for empowerment and sustainability which continues to be replicated in our partner communities.

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