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Stronger, healthier communities

Aythos is committed to strengthening and building the resilience of Himalayan communities through programs that foster health and sustainable livelihoods.

There are 150 million migrant workers in the world today

Sustenance farming in developing countries is becoming harder. Many rural people adapt by migrating to cities and foreign countries with little education or skills.

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Developing nations are moving out of poverty but social and gender barriers, education and skills gaps force families to continue the cycle of poverty, taking desperate measures to create a better life.

With little choice, many face exploitation and violence


Ending poverty takes a smarter approach.

Aythos strengthens Himalayan communities by reducing barriers to participation in their rapidly changing globalized economies.

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Meet Lekh Maya

This is Lekh Maya, a farmer and mother. Two years ago, her husband left Nepal to seek fortune abroad, but only found poor income and miserable living conditions. Due to COVID-19, Lekh Maya's husband can no longer work and their friends, who used to lend them money to buy food for their family, can no longer help.

Lekh Maya has long wanted to support her family through farming and is interested in planting more vegetables and fruit trees. Aythos helps people like Lekh Maya build their skills and self-sufficiency. Help Lekh Maya overcome this difficult time and donate opportunity and hope!

What Your Donations Support



Rural residents that used to focus on farming, now have higher costs of living. Many adapt by working abroad or moving to cities, but have few skills to offer. 

Aythos works with communities in rural and urban areas to offer new skills in a variety of areas. Helping farmers identify cash crops and cultivation techniques, teaching craft-making to earn extra income, and other programs to support long-term sustainable and positive outcomes.

Your donations create self-empowerment opportunities to boost incomes, build dignity, and create choice in peoples' lives.


Health & Hygiene

Aythos believes the core to economic development is the ability to participate in the markets to the full extent possible. These programs focus on building knowledge and action around health, nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation.

Your donations support clean drinking water projects, access to sanitary and safe public toilets, women and girls health training, and encouraging community health programs for both children and adults.

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Social Equality

Your donations help Aythos partner with other local NGOs to identify and work with women's groups and disenfranchised minorities. Training is designed and implemented to help disenfranchised populations gain the skills to be active and valued members of society. 

Your donations help women gain financial independence, place women in business leadership roles, and support a new generation of young women to challenge old mindsets. In addition, your support gives stigmatized populations opportunity and hope.

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Environmental Sustainability

Farmers are aware of the dangers that chemical fertilizers and pesticides pose to family members' health. Aythos found biointensive agriculture methods are embraced by farmers and mitigate these risks.

Your donations support training in these techniques and encourage cultivation new fruits such as kiwi, cherries, and tomatoes to enabling farmers to earn money and add nutritional benefits to their families' diets.

Make a Difference Today

Your support makes our work possible. There are many ways you can contribute, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good.

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