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Life during COVID-19: Lekh Maya

This is Lekh Maya. Lekh Maya and her family are farmers, but their limited land does not allow them to rely on agriculture for survival. Two years ago, her husband left Nepal to seek fortune abroad, but only found poor income and miserable living conditions. Back in Nepal, he has been supporting his wife and children through wage labor and borrowing money from friends.

Lekh Maya says COVID-19 brought deep misery to their lives. Her husband can no longer work, their friends can no longer help, and shopkeepers will not provide them with essential groceries on credit. Most people in her village are suffering as well, and she is afraid of what will happen if the lockdown continues. No work, no money, no food.

Lekh Maya has long wanted to support her family through farming, but has lacked the money to purchase seeds and the knowledge of sustainable cultivation techniques. She is thankful to Aythos for empowering her in her dream and is interested in planting more vegetables and fruit trees. Help Lekha Maya and others like her overcome this difficult time and donate opportunity and hope!

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