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Aythos Health Program Launch!

The Aythos team set off to conduct our first official Health Training Program in our most remote villages in Okhuldunga district last week. When we met the people of these villages last year, the Aythos staff immediately found a need for more knowledge on hygiene, nutrition, and reproduction. Without opportunity to attend school, and much avoidance of the taboo subjects of sexual health, the people of this village struggled with infection, discomfort, and misunderstandings, especially surrounding menstruation and reproduction. By conducting a training on basic first aid, anatomy, menstruation, reproduction, and nutrition, Aythos hopes to see improvement in the health and well-being of both these villages.

We were thrilled with the turnout of both men and women and even some little ones! Over two days, our team taught nearly 120 men, women, and children how to be healthy, understand reproduction, and make reusable sanitary pads for improved hygiene. As the lesson went on, more benches kept being added, and people crammed into the tiny community room, with men gathered around, peering through the windows and doors, eager to listen and learn. On the second day, even the men and boys enthusiastically joined in on the sanitary pad making! All the participants took great pride in the pads they sewed, and we are hopeful that this new knowledge and tools will help ease both the physical and social discomfort surrounding menstruation and reproductive health in these villages. The enthusiasm of these communities encourages us as we continue our efforts to improve the health and sustainable livelihoods in Nepal.

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