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Aythos supports local ideas for development projects that strengthen communities and  the local environment. Since 2012 it has focused on two main efforts: fruit tree planting and beekeeping.
Our flagship project, Apples for Helambu, trained approximately 100 farmers in the Helambu region of Nepal on organic and sustainable fruit tree planting. In January 2014, Aythos subsidized and distributed almost 3,000 fruit trees to these farmers in order to revive and expand their fruit tree orchards. Word about our project has spread, and we are now expanding our assistance to Dolakha District.
Our second effort is supporting rural beekeepers in Sindhupalchok. Beekeeping is a traditional way of life for many people in Nepal. Some houses are even constructed with beehives built into them. However, without proper training, it is difficult for many beekeepers to protect their bees from wildlife and the elements. Also, many traditional hives are less productive than more modern variations. Aythos is helping these beekeepers increase production and profitability by sponsoring trainings and subsidizing the distribution of modern hives.
As Aythos grows, it will field more proposals for projects from local villages. Aythos will consider almost any idea for a project, so long as proposed projects are sustainable and aimed at supporting entire villages, not specific individuals or groups.


A woman in Helambu with one of her newly-planted apple tree saplings. 

Our beekeeping trainer transplants bees into a new hive in Okreni village